ML Platón

ML Platón is an architectural and interior design company that provides functional solutions, creating spaces that reflect our clients’ life style. Our presence for over ten years in the Ecuadorian market, states us as the iron and stainless steel designing and manufacturing leader.

We set trend with our exclusive designs, in commercial and residential projects.


To provide comfort and functionality through unique iron and stainless steel elements design and manufacturing, guaranteeing detail in our service and delivering an exclusive first level experience.


To be the leader company in the B2B market with modern and functional solutions for indoors and outdoors, obtaining a sustained growth that allows taking our designs and products to overseas markets.


Service: We align our efforts to satisfy our costumers’ needs.
Punctuality: We comply within our established deadlines.
Commitment: We deliver high standard quality work.
Communication: We are in touch with our customers at every step of the project.
Creativity: We innovate through our proposals in conceptual designs.